About me

I am Wei DONG (董未), a PhD candidate at Robotics Institute, CMU, advised by Michael Kaess. I received my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Peking University, China, advised by Hongbin Zha. I’m from a small town (at the China scale) Huzhou (湖州). My CV can be found here.

I work on 3D perception, from point cloud registration to dense geometry reconstruction. It is always interesting to play with the models scanned and reconstructed from the real-world. My ultimate goal is to reproduce the physical world in the cyber space, from indoor to outdoor scenes, so that we can memorize and experience the past, present, and future of lives, ours and others’.

I focus on developing highly efficient and easy-to-use systems for the purpose above. Open3D coincides with my goals and philosophy, and I have been a major contributor to this cool open source project for several years.

Apart from CMU, I have enjoyed collarboations with different labs, including

In my leisure time, I play video games. FromSoftware is my favorite game studio. I also read and write science fictions, run, bike, (learning to) play guitar and piano.

I live with my wife, our cats, and toys – especially my favorite teddy bear that you can see everywhere in my profiles :-)